Is This a Good Shot? The Bride's Reflection

Sep 18, 2023

A humble breakdown of what we like about this photo.

Layered frame

Matt filled this frame with visual interest. This enabled him to maximise the storytelling potential of the shot.

Frames within frames

These frames allowed Matt to draw attention to key areas of the composition e.g. the bride and dress.

Rule of thirds

This helped Matt create a good balance between the elements in the composition.


This reflection allowed Matt to combine elements to tell a story that weren’t in close proximity.

Visual storytelling

Combining the bride, her dress, her shoes and the registrar into one narrative rich frame.


Matt felt a black and white treatment would accentuate the geometric forms, and the dramatic side lighting.

Working the scene

Matt shot this composition several times over an hour, returning to recapture it as the elements improved.

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