Visual Stories of the Week - 5th Oct 2023

Oct 5, 2023

As with every week we've collected our favourite visual stories from the past week to give you this essential pinch of inspiration and keep the fire inside of you burning. Take a peek at these different styles and unique approaches towards visual storytelling! It’s always a great pleasure to discover them. I’m pretty sure that you will find some fantastic wedding photographers and visual stories amongst the ones we selected for you this time.

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Scott Kendall

Scott perfectly split the frame with this amazing composition. I love the balance between the orange in the foreground and the orange in the background. Also the nod to the "wet floor" with the umbrella is perfect!

Adam Beale

The lighting in Adam's frame is too good! The tones are incredible and the gentle pop of colour in the background adds some excellent detail.

Emma Hillier

Emma captured an excellent full frame, cropping the subject on the left draws us straight into the little girls. A great moment and the young girl in the middle's expression is wonderful.

Olly Knight

Olly captured tonnes of emotion in this frame and got nice and close to capture it. The contrasted black and white colour treatment also adds to the moment.

Jamie Flood

Jamie captured a lovely composition using the musicians in the foreground to frame the couple, even more impressive knowing it's clearly raining.

Matt "Embee"

I love the frame from Matt! The black and white treatment is perfect, enriching the texture on the blocks and what a perfect moment of the subject causing the tower to fall on her.

Liam Bowler

An excellent decisive moment from Loam waiting for the brides dress to emphasise her movement. An awesome full frame with lots of people draws our eyes around the frame and the flair adds a really nice etherial vibe.

Hamish Irvine

A killer moment from Hamish leaving lots of space at the top of the image to include the lights. The bride and groom look awesome on the stairs and the lighting is perfect.

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