Visual Stories of the Week - 28th Sep 2023

Sep 28, 2023

As with every week we've collected our favourite visual stories from the past week to give you this essential pinch of inspiration and keep the fire inside of you burning. Take a peek at these different styles and unique approaches towards visual storytelling! It’s always a great pleasure to discover them. I’m pretty sure that you will find some fantastic wedding photographers and visual stories amongst the ones we selected for you this time.

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Alex Benyon

Alex's photo leapt off of Instagram and I knew I had to include it this week. What an incredibly creative shot of bridal prep. Alex has done a complete 180 and turned his back on the action to see this unique composition. I love how the reflection splits the frame in two contrasting the stunning view with the hotel interior. The colours pop beautifully and the lighting is superb. And on top of all that Alex captured a lovely moment of the bride laughing. Such a perfect visual story.

Sharron Gibson

Sharron spotted an incredible moment in this frame noticing how well the spotlight created such an interesting shape in the background. We've got this subtle touch of someone's shoulder in the foreground providing depth and making us feel part of the moment. The bride making her way through the dance floor with a couple of drinks perfectly captures the mood and fun of the evening. Sharron's colour treatment is also really well chosen, desaturating the image slightly and boosting the warmer tones.

Tom Langford

A wonderfully cinematic frame from Tom absolutely making the most of that stunning golden hour. Tom made full use of the reflection in the car to extract even more of that sunset into the foreground. This is an incredibly romantic image, both literally in the case of a wedding couple, but also it connotes long drives in the western United States. Very cool and a great spot by Tom.

Amy Diana

There's so much going on in Amy's wonderful photo of the bride getting her shoes on. Amy opted for a lower shooting angle combined with a wider lens to really make us feel part of this moment. She also framed the bride perfectly in the window and balanced her exposure so as not to lose the highlights. The window light enhances the excellent texture on the wooden wall and rim lights the bride to give a stunning ethereal vibe. The reflection on the left hand side is a wonderful bonus adding even more storytelling detail to this excellent photo.

Matilda Delves

Matilda has captured an awesome full frame, packed with energy. We get a perfect sense of what it was like to be in that moment, feeling the vibe of the day. It looks like Matilda has made excellent use of a wider lens, possibly a 24mm, to fully immerse us in the story.

Clara Cooper

What an incredible capture by Clara! If I were the bride I would be truly over the moon to receive this photo. The light on the bride's face could not be better. Clara captured a beautiful smile and a touching moment between the couple. The plants dropping down add some excellent depth and texture to the upper third of the frame. An incredible moment Clara!

Leonie May

A wonderfully relaxed moment captured by Leonie. At first glance I passed this frame by, but I ended up scrolling back and really sitting with it for a few minutes. Leonie has done such a great job bookending the composition with chairs to fill the frame but I love how the train is empty apart from the couple, it feels like it's a train just for them. The gentle look between the couple emphasised in black and white is excellent. Weddings can be chaotic and this quiet moment wonderfully contrasts our expectations of a wedding day.

Lucie Hamilton

Lucie has perfectly composed this image so that the tennis rackets echo the pyramid in the background. It's also a lovely storytelling technique as I imagine the tennis rackets have some relevance to the couple. The subtle pops of colour the rackets provide is great and they add some lovely layers and depth throughout the frame.

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