The Story Behind the Shot: The Snooker Room

Sep 18, 2023

See the journey and hear our thought process for how this shot came to be.

An incredible room

The groom had seen this snooker room earlier in the day and knew he wanted to get ready in it. Matt could already see some of the key visual elements coming together; the snooker table, stag artwork, ceiling lights and the window.

The window light

Matt loves shooting into window light as it provides amazing depth. He moved closer for this frame, still managing to keep the stag artwork in the background. He knew however, that there was still more he could squeeze from this scene...

The groom looked awesome

The best-man left the room for a few seconds and the groom walked to the snooker table, rested his hands on it and looked out of a window, casting gorgeous light across his face. Although this looks posed, it certainly wasn’t!

Worked the scene

A few more groomsmen entered the room and started playing snooker. Matt tried shooting back up the table but the composition just wasn’t as clean. The background was much busier and the light was less interesting.

The groom moved into position

This is one of the last frames before the final composition came together. You can see the groom had now moved into position and Matt had begun making his way back to the top of the table with his ultimate composition in mind.

The final frame

All the elements came together. A layered frame with incredible lighting and loads of storytelling elements.

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