Visual Stories of the Week - 14th Sep 2023

Sep 14, 2023

Here's week 1 of our new curated list of the best visual stories we've seen during the previous week. Take a peek at these different styles and unique approaches towards visual storytelling! It’s always a great pleasure to discover them. I’m pretty sure that you will find some fantastic wedding photographers and visual stories amongst the ones we selected for you this time.

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Daniel Burton

I love the contrasting colours in Daniel's composition. Shooting through the glassware perfectly frames the couple, combined with a killer silhouette.

Chris Waud

What a fun frame from Chris! Using synchronicity to make the antlers look like horns on the subject's head was really well observed. The lighting is also perfect, utilising the window light to add some much needed contrast to the frame.

Ben Lee

I love the idea that a bride and groom are being told to stop! Hopefully it isn't foreshadowing, and a great spot from Ben. The large painted letters and the lines throughout the architecture do an amazing job making this image feel alive and vibrant.

Andy Wade

What a killer frame from Andy. He made perfect use of the shadows of the band to create an abstract frame around the bride and groom. We are encouraged to fill in the gaps ourselves. We know there's a band, a circle of guests and the bride and groom in the centre. This could've been a much simpler composition but Andy found a really creative technique to tell the same story in a different way.

Martin Ellard

I love this compounding story made up of multiple stories. There's a clear diagonal running from left to right across the composition with 4 individual stories. This gives us lots of fun details to explore as the audience and makes for a really interesting layered frame.

Scott Carney

Scott has done an excellent job looking for the alternative composition. The main story is happening in the foreground, the couple dancing, but Scott chose to focus on the guests reactions. There's also some lovely shapes and lines keeping this composition interesting, and I really like Scott's choice of black and white to help us focus on the shapes.

Chelsea Cannar

Chelsea consistently finds these fun alternative angles to capture moments, and this is a perfect example of that! Getting down low and shooting through the skittles makes this image pop. I also love the skittle in the foreground is on it's side leading us nicely into the image, and the balance between the colour of the skittles and the girls hair is perfect!

Ollie Baines

This is such a fun composition from Ollie. Seeing the musician give it all he's got directly at the baby is hilarious, especially with the infants unflinching expression. Ollie did a great job giving the composition room to breathe by bookending his composition with the two subjects so we get lots of lovely negative space in the centre, further emphasising the contrast between the subjects.

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