Visual Stories of the Week - 21st Sep 2023

Sep 21, 2023

As with every week we've collected our favourite visual stories from the past week to give you this essential pinch of inspiration and keep the fire inside of you burning. Take a peek at these different styles and unique approaches towards visual storytelling! It’s always a great pleasure to discover them. I’m pretty sure that you will find some fantastic wedding photographers and visual stories amongst the ones we selected for you this time.

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Matt Ebbage

I love everything about Matt's frame. Using the open shape from the game to frame the subjects and timing it perfectly with the bean bag being thrown is incredible enough, but the lighting is also perfect and the subjects look like they're having an amazing time! Not to mention the colour of the bean bag matches the tie of the subject on the right and is in perfect harmony with the hue of the wood in the foreground. Love, love, love!

Adam Beale

This frame from Adam of the bride and her father is next level. This looks like a frame from an arthouse French film. The lighting is incredible, the framing and reflections throughout the window are obviously amazing but Adam dials it up even more with the perfect black and white colour treatment.

Chelsea Cannar

This is Chelsea's second time on the blog in as many weeks which just goes to show how incredibly consistent she is. The lighting and exposure in this frame are so well balanced. That gorgeous blue hue contrasting perfectly with the warmer foreground. And then we get the opportunity to focus on the fact Chelsea has masterfully captured the bride taking a break to refuel is so wonderfully contrasted against what we naturally think of from a bride. Keep smashing it Chelsea!

Alex Benyon

Technology is hard! Such a well observed multi-generational moment from Alex of these two subjects playing with their devices. Alex clearly got nice and close to capture this frame, risking being noticed and ruining the moment. Such a great eye Alex!

Dan Morris

Dan is a true master and this frame just goes to show it. An almost perfectly symmetrical frame with tonnes of action. The muted surroundings let the blue hues pop beautifully and the expression of the young boy in the foreground is incredible.

Danny Jack

An masterfully cinematic frame from Danny capturing this moment perfectly! The lighting is incredible, especially that subtle flare on the right side of the frame. Stunning contrasting colours with the cooler background and the warmer foreground. I also love the weighting Danny gave the subjects in the composition, moving them to the right side of the frame to let the dappled spotlights sing in the background. And on top of all this incredible technical skill, Danny captured a wonderful moment of the bride and a close friend.

Joseph Allen-Keys

Another masterfully cinematic frame, this time from Joseph Allen-Keys. This could easily be a still from a movie with a wonderful colour treatment and lighting that should make us all jealous. Joseph captured an incredible layered frame with multiple stories and utilised the lighting perfectly to draw the audiences attention to the bride in the background.

Nicola Mackrill

Brides and Grooms put a lot of hard work into curating a wonderful day for their guests. This reaction from the young boy is so perfectly captured. We can't please everyone! Nicola also bookended the composition perfectly with the subjects on either side to add depth and draw us into the centre.

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